Well where do I start ?.
If anyone was to tell me that setting up a business in the Hovercraft world was always going to be easy, I would change my name and leave the UK for good. It’s always hard and never has a day been simple is the solution. However, I am a great believer that success is hard work, and failure is always the easy option. As such and based upon every day being hard, I have the comfort in knowing that I am at least doing the right thing.
There are several people to who I wish to thank for their support through all of the hard times and days when I could have thrown in the towel. They are namely the team at Discovery Beach who have often poked me in the nose, kicked my butt and gien me the reason’s to get up and make it work. The guidance shown by both Chris and Bernard has been simply fantastic and if ever a reference were ever needed for the methods of DB, I for sure would jump the que to throw my weight behind it.
The principals of Discovery Beach are really quite simple and ultimately one might argue should be simple common sence. However, the problem with common sence is that all too often it’s not that common nowadays. That said, I often was so close but sue could have been so far away without the regular prompt from both Chrs and Bernard, and it was always in a manor designed to make me wake up and realise the potential I had within myself. I recomend anyone with a concept, idea no matter how menial it may at first appear, to go check out www.discoverybeach.co.uk or www.discoverybeach.com.au with an open mind for an impartial opinion. It may well turn out to be the best thing you ever did in the end, and ultimately will only cost you the price of a phone call.
My little…………….."er" Big Girl "Beth" deserves a huge mention. She has watched her Dad get kicked and knocked from all corners and always showed that in her world she was still proud of her Dad. Beth is in the middle of exam times at School and recently took some time to introduce me to the Head of her School, and was delighted to see the famouse Hovercraft one day parked outside of her school. It’s never been an easy ride for Beth, but one thing I hope she always knows is that I will always support her in anything thing she chooses to do She is without question the apple of my eye and the most Loved teenager in the world.
My last but most important thank you is to someone very special to my world. It’s my Shar who pick’s me up when I’m torn appart and makes me laugh when I really want to cry, and when I really need to be seriouse for a moment will always make me act like the fool. It can’t be beaten and is the most preciouse gift that the Good Lord sent to me when I most needed it, and probably least deserved it.
I suppose at this point I’m only left to thank all the Team involved in F1 Hoverpod Racing Ltd, who without doubt took me at my word and showed real commitment and support through some troubled times. Go check our web site, it’s rather cool. www.f1hoverpodracing.com