The Progress of Hoverpod.
Progress and developments at Hoverpod® are now gaining momentum. The key word which is constantly being used within the Team is commitment.
It’s very easy to make a wish, it’s never easy to make that wish come true in a world of global recession and credit crunch. However, the opportunity to become involved in the F1 Hoverpod® Racing business and starting your own club/business is fast approaching. I recommend you visit the web sites at and the racing site which can be found at and register your interest with the team.
There has always been much speculation surrounding the Hoverpod® Racing business, some is true and most is make believe. The truth is something we always deal in and if deemed necessary will announce and post statements through it’s official blogs and news sites. This month has been a bit slow in announcements except to say that one of our University partners has been contracted to provide some research work for the Team as they are considered to be some of the best in the business when it comes to research, the information will be used latter in marketing the concept to interested parties.
We/I are always amazed at the lack of take up on the free go on the lottery. For some reason our in-box is always supplied with enough e-mails questioning if it truly is free. Why don’t they just try it out and find out that our Free Go, really is a “Free Go”. If it is a little confusing to understand then simply follow the instructions below:
1. Paste the following site into your web browser ……………………
2. Scroll down the page until you find the link “Grab a Grand”…… Click on the link.
3. Fill in the two box’s with your e-mail details
4. Select 5 numbers and submit.
5. Go to your e-mail address and confirm the link to assure security etc.
That’s all it takes and no credit card details, no commitment and no pain. The good news is you might actually win a “Grand”.

Good Luck.

The Team.