Summer 2009 Up-Date

July 19, 2009

Mid July Up –Date
Many new things happening this month which I feel some are important to share and some are less than boring. However, you will be interested to hear that the important part of our expansion program has now started work. It is the Business Development Manual to which documents every aspect of how to run and manage the F1 Hoverpod® Racing clubs on a daily basis. In many instances it is this very important issue which either makes or breaks the business, so as you can imagine, we have once again called in the Worlds Largest Business Manual Writers who’s details we provide on our web site.
Over the following week, we will be strengthening our relationship with UKTI who have supported us with overseas information and advice as well as building on our already good relationship with the new technology suppliers of “Self heal polymers” which we are supporting the research in these areas. Due to confidentiality and the secrecy surrounding this research, I am unable to say who the working partner is in this instance, until confirmation to do so.
The new technology and design surrounding the Hoverpod® propeller blade has been sanctioned and I feel sure that this will cause a major stir when we release the product for the enthusiast and hobbyist to buy over the counter. I would recommend you keep watching the blogs and sites for information relating to this. The feedback from Hovercraft pilots is very encouraging with comments such as “it’s about time we had a safe blade at last” and “I have had several blades snap at high speed which was very scary when I was out in a vulnerable location”.
Finally, a big encouragement for the England Cricket Team and please bring home the ashes.

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The Team

July up date.
Following up on last Month’s posting, we have some major announcements in the shadows and when permission has been granted to share with you the information, I will make it available for you all to comment upon.
This week we have one announcement which will help silence the skeptics amongst the Hovercraft fraternity who still assume that gossip is the way forward and that fact is something that is rarely if ever in their world.
I recommend to everyone to view the Journal produced by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Exchange which can be found at and who used the words “We are compiling some case histories of successful Spark Awards and yours came to the top of the list” and requested permission to use F1 Hoverpod Racing as it’s number one example of how a Business can develop and succeed in a recession. It is a great honor and privilege to have those comments from such a prestigious institution and who’s reputation is without question. The Institute who are also supported by their colleagues at the Royal College of Art & Design and can be found at chose F1 Hoverpod Racing to support with it’s expertise in composite technology and as a result enabled F1 Hoverpod to win the spark award and prize of £5,000.00 which was invested in developing new designs and materials to be used in the Hoverpod manufacture process.
You can now also follow our daily work routine and developments as they happen on “Twitter”, you can check us out at
Our supporters can now keep appraised via our site, where you are welcomed and encouraged to post information, pictures and comments on this site.
Keep watching the Blogs as we have some more major events and announcements to post shortly and we are now welcoming new forum members at http://www.f1hoverpodracing/forum

Keep the support and spirit of enterprise moving forward.

The Team