31st October 2009
News from the European Investors is all very positive.
Whilst I’m not at liberty to say the who, what I can confirm is that a world recognised name in the sound and environmental emissions and systems providers has now confirmed their interest toward the supply chain.
A total redesign of the whole exhaust and emission system has now been instructed, the result will be world class and a complete revelation of what can be achieved. The two key areas under review are the erosion & corrosion through salt water intake and Co2 emissions. At the same time as working on these issues, noise will be addressed in order to set a world beating sound emission limits.
We need to pay thanks to our investors from Europe to whom wish to remain private, although I can confirm that that the cost of developing an exhaust system for the Hoverpod® is in the region of £400,000 and may take the form of two types. The first being a supply for the “Manx GT” and the second being for the leisure market craft.
I will confirm any additions and updates when cleared to do so by the promotions team.

A Huge Thanks for the support.

Team Manager.

20th October 2009

There are many new aspects to the Hoverpod® to which the technical team has identified as vital to address if providing a quality product, worthy of the name Hoverpod® in which the public want assurance of said quality.

Last month we announced a breakthrough in propeller technology to which was simply a revolution and something you will have the opportunity to view for yourselves early next year. However, our web site is often receiving e-mails showing concern about the noise pollution sometimes created by DIY built Hovercraft.
As you have all had the opportunity to see who the partners and team members are through viewing the web site at www.f1hoverpodracing.com/partners I’m pleased to say we have also addressed these issues as part of the development. Whilst I can’t divulge too much at this stage, I am at liberty to say a world leader in silencer and emissions have entered into negotiation to assume the role.

The contracts negotiation team will be visiting Europe next week to secure this opportunity for both parties, upon return to the UK, I will have permission to confirm in full the appointment is on board.

The application forms for interest can still be downloaded at http://www.f1hp.com/applicationform.pdf and if you leave it too late, you may live to regret that decision for a long time to come as the interest has been un-believable and I thank you all for the kind words and wisdom.

Thanks Guys

Team Manager.

Up date on September
The in box this month has been quite amusing and the normal conspiracy & gossip e-mails are now been filtered though the “amused and laughter” section. I have said many times that the truth (as boring as it is) is normally more interesting than the gossip. However, we do have some positive and exciting news to share with you.
As we are all aware, Hovercraft (Hoverpod® no exception) have had an inherent problem with propeller/fan blades that F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture has decided to address at this very early stage in production. Our concept and message to you all is simply that we will not compromise on safety and as we all know, if a Hovercraft blade fails for whatever reason, they can be very dangerous. F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture have taken this issue very seriously and invested almost ½ million pounds into the development of a totally new propeller. The good news is that in almost every circumstance this blade will replace the ones used today by the enthusiasts and hobbyists to whom for so long have kept the interest in Hoverpod® flowing. A tribute to the enthusiast is in my opinion worthy of major recognition, after all, if it were not for these hard working and dedicated people, the fun would be still be assigned to the drawing board.
There will be some additional news to which will effect the transference of noise associated with Hovercraft and whilst I can not say too much today, I can share with you that a breakthrough in the key areas are also pending and will be announced shortly.

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Thanks Guys from all at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd.