Exhibition & Pre-launch Showing

As you all know the date for pre-showing of the “Manx GT” has been a well kept and closely guarded secret in order to keep the sceptics frustrated a little while longer. The private viewing invites have gone out to the select and privileged few of which they know the location and venue for said display and promotion and pre launch of the product. The date has been confirmed for December 2009 and you should now have your invite which went out in October.

The exhibitors are limited as this is a private showing for privileged and corporate clients who have supported us throughout.

Firstly I wish to thank the our two main supporters “Royal College of Art” and the “Institute of Materials and Mining” for providing the opportunity to display at the exhibition in Grantham in December, this is one of the most prestigious of all private exhibitions to be shown in the UK and the purpose of the exhibition is to show to our honoured guests and VIP’S from the world of vehicle design what we can be achieved. We are also their to show support for the Institute of Materials and Mining in promoting the Spark Award of which F1 Hoverpod® gained it’s merit in 2008.
As most of you are aware, in the early days at F1HP we were very lucky to have had support from the IOM with full access to the materials and composites expertise to which the IOM is a world leader in this area and the expertise has shown to be invaluable to F1HP.

As always, a huge Thanks for the trust and support shown.

Team Manager

November 1st 2009

Whilst I always do my best to be ahead of the game, I did not expect to be posting a new announcement within 24 hours. However, News is news.

I have now been cleared to make a brief announcement in relation to engine management system for the Hoverpod® range. A total re-mapping of the software has been undertaken in order to further reduce emissions and increase power throughout the whole rev range. The result and outcome being a much more even flowing power band and more efficient use of the fuel. The effect on the craft is to increase fuel consumption with a major reduction in emissions which is very good for the environment.

For those who are calculating the cost (not F1 Hoverpod®) and feel they wonder why we spend at such levels, perfection is required and demanded by our customers and interested parties and the £250,000 for engine mapping system is what it costs in the modern world of Motor Sport.
The challenge was to make a world beating product, the result is so far on budget and better than first expected.

Team Manager