Talking about F1 Hoverpod Racing – new pictures available

December 19, 2009

Team news @ F1 Hoverpod® Racing

19th December 2009

It’s just over a week to Christmas and you might think there
is nothing happening at F1 Hoverpod®
& F1 Hoverpod®
Ltd, well how wrong can one be ?.

The pre launch luncheon in Lincolnshire was a true success
which attracted some very serious interest to the support of the program. The
reaction to the proposition was a thumbs up and the reaction to the images of
the “Manx GT” were simply “Wow”.

The Team at F1 Hoverpod®
 Ltd & F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture Ltd are
poised to announce a major story which will break sometime in the early part of
the new year 2010. As this is a World Breaking Announcement, I’m under a
gagging order until cleared to post the exciting news. I would ask that you
keep a very close eye on the news sites
and blogs for this news breaking.

All there is left to do is “Wish you all a very Happy
Christmas” and all the Very Best for 2010 from all the team at F1 Hoverpod® Racing Ltd


Team Manager

Don't tell anyone


F1 Hoverpod Racing – new pictures available

Just a quick message to all our supporters of the F1 Hoverpod Racing business etc.

We are near completion of our craft and the start date of the racing season and my suggestion is to watch your e-mail box and the blog sites for formal announcements and precise timing of the proposed events.

All those who are on our preferential mailing list will be offered invites to our demonstration day to show of the new craft which has caused so much interest the “Manx GT”.

We will be loading some video footage and pictures for you all to see and they can be found at the following site. Don’t forget that is by invitation only, so you will need your password etc.

Once again, a huge thank you from all the team at F1 Hoverpod Racing to all who have shown great faith in our business and supported us all the way through.

Please feel free to visit the web site at and keep a watch out for the changes in the site, product and future announcements.

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