Happy Christmas from F1 Hoverpod Racing

December 25, 2009

25th December 2009

This announcement is for all of our supporters who have followed our blogs and postings throughout the year. The wonderful support shown by you all through this very testing year has been a major encouragement to all our team members and justifies why their loyalty and faith in the direction we are following is simply second to none.
We are aware of the very damaging postings which appear on a frequent basis, we are also aware that the professionals who support our business never pay attention to idle gossip. What I did promise was that in 2010 it would be addressed, and you can be assured this will be the case later on in the year.
I do want to let you know that we have several new sites which might be of interest and can be found at the following:
1. www.f1-hp.co.uk
2. www.f1-hoverpodracing.co.uk

All it leaves me to do is wish you all “A Very Merry Christmas” from All of The Team at F1 Hoverpod®

All the Very Best.
Team Manager

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