F1 Hoverpod Racing

July 25, 2010

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. Well this may seem like a small announcement but be assured if you are one of the many followers of the F1 hoverpod Racing series, it is probably more important to know the detail and not the gossip.

F1 Hoverpod Ltd has always placed at the head end of it’s developments the word “Research” to which is often overlooked by the amateur manufacturer. The reality is that research provides all the information as to why a product fails, for what reason and what (if anything) can be done to overcome the problem of failure. Often the failure is a problem with management not accepting they are responsible for creating the problem and more importantly not rectifying the problem when first discovered. There are many reasons why some management structures have a bad Reaction to having problems pointed out about their product, but a Good Listner is also a Good Learner.

Here at F1 Hoverpod Racing, we have employed the very best to conduct the research into why some cheaper product have such a failure rate and have the veru ugly and cheap fix option of “Patches” on the hull to help cussion the obvious week spot from colission damage. The fact that there is a patch in the first place should go a long way to telling you it’s a problem area that has a cheap fix to help provide comfort that the problem has been resloved. Oh Dear !!!.

The problem should never appear if the right materials and design features are employed at the outset. F1 Hoverpod Manufacture have worked with the worlds best to design a hull that has conducted extensive testing with the most modern methods to ensure a long lasting product and if I say it myself, a sexy finish. The materials used in the composit are a breathroguh with one of our Materials & Composit partners who are once again a world leader in their expertise. We like to think that if the techology is used in Jumbo Jet’s and the finest of marine Craft, it should be ideal for our purpose. That is of course except for the hard weraing areas such as the hull and this is where my gagging order comes into place. However, I am allowed to say a breakthrough in material will be a first for Hoverpod and you won’t be dissapointed with the result. no Patches here, only a quality product.

Watch this space for up dates.

Team Manager

F1 Hoverpod Racing

July 17, 2010

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share a piece of information with you today. It relates to the future of a potential Hoverpod Training and pilot scheme which I can confirm is part of the intent, so don’t worry. Lots of people will confirm that a Hoverpod is quite simple to master but as always, training is essential or you may find yourself doing what this video clearly shows as someone who thought they had all the answers, we always say a short training session will save time and ultimately money in the end. <a href="http://“>Take a Look at this Guy.

F1 Hoverpod Racing

July 15, 2010

Only a few words of wisdom today but I would like to share with you that F1 Hoverpod Racing is designed to be a fun sport for all the family to enjoy. We always recommend that a short training session will bring out the best of your talent and help develop your skills to pilot the Hoverpod and gain the maximum enjoyment from the use of the craft.

Please view the video confirming what can happen when this rule is not applied as we encountered some time ago by a home built enthusiast. The time spent building the product can be considered a waste. “Click Here”

F1 Hoverpod Racing

July 9, 2010

Formula Hoverpod® Racing

The summer of 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere has finally arrived and the World Cup Football Competition has got off to a surprising start with many of the predicted big teams who were expected to go a long way in the competition, already on the plane going back home and that includes the big names such as France, Italy, England & Brazil. Followed by Portugal and Argentina with a rather disappointing performance from all the African Nations of which a lot was expected from some of them which was a major let down to all the football supporters expecting a breakthrough from an African Team at last.

For the F1 Hoverpod Racing program, it’s business as usual. The interest shown in Formula Hoverpod as a series has widened to include both Australia and India with good expectations from both of these nations expected to develop as time goes on. As expected, the controversy surrounding the new propeller blade ranges from gossip to liable but all will be put to bed when we reveal the technology in the very near future.

A personal thank you to all the hovercraft fraternity who keep reporting the statements from the Hovplod abusers and we have followed them all up and whilst I cant say too much, action is under way. The only problem being that one can sue, but sue what ?. The accounts show a huge hole in the bank balance and whilst it’s expected that ebay will probably benefit from the cheapness of the product, we are not confident of any damages claim against a company which has been failing for so long and with such consistency of accounting irregularity.

We hope all the HCGB racing goes well through the summer and the good weather holds up for you guys.

Keep the support coming guys as this helps to keep the good atmosphere working well at F1HP, the Reaction is something we can all predict. It normally goes like e^(-tiθ) lim┬(n→∞)⁡〖(1+1/n)^n 〗 ∬ □(⇔┬ ) ■(1&0&0@0&1&0@0&0&1)  but the amateur nature of the abuse is easily dealt with by professionals. Watch this space for an update shortly………………………….oh and a result.

Team Manager