It’s well into the UK winter and the snow is still covering the floor outside. I have just heard on the News that the USA on the East Coast is suffering the same problems that Europe have just suffered from the major snow to which has been deposited up and down the USA in large quantites and to than end my thoughts are with you.

F1 Hoverpod Racing is officially on shut down until the New Year for the festive period but that does not mean that much is happening, quite the opposite in fact. We have some major announcements to come in the New Year and this will confirm that much activity has been taking place while the Christmas period has been happening, I recommend you keep a close eye on the blogs for some very exciting news to come.

I frequently find in the in box at F1 Hoverpod requests for the details for our “Twitter” accounts in order that you can follow us on a daily basis, please feel free to use any of the following where you will find we have over 10,000 followers in total:

All it leaves me to do is wish you all a Very Happy New Year for 2011 from all the members of F1 Hoverpod Ltd.

Team Principal

December 24, 2010

A very Mery Christmas to everyone and a peacefull New Year to you all from