The world has become a very strange place to be in over the last few months with many natural disasters ranging from Major Snow Storms in the East of the USA through to Life Changing Floods in Australia, followed by major political upheaval in several countries within the Middle East. Wow, has anyone else noticed just how many situations have changed in such a relatively short period of time in early 2011. This brings me nicely to the developments at F1 Hoverpod Ltd that have increased in and strengthened its Management Team and developed some new systems associated with logistics and manufacture partner relationships. I’m cleared or permitted to publish too much on this sensitive subject just now although be prepared for some major and very exciting announcements over the next few months.
Through the long Winter Months at the F1 Hoverpod group of companies, there has been lots of very positive developments in relation to technical advancement and real time testing at the F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Team. The advantage of the adverse weather gave the team a good excuse…… “er” reason to conduct some testing indoors despite the ability to take snow, ice or most weather conditions in its stride.
For those Eagle Eyed Blog Readers amongst you, you will have noted that we have teamed up with several editorial and publishing companies as well as some interesting video footage recently posted showing how helpful a Hovercraft can be when permitted to demonstrate its ability.
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We do have some major breaking news just around the corner. I expect to be able to share this with you very soon and you can still follow us on and as many of you already have done and the corporate My Space is still available at for those who enjoy sharing information In the meantime, thank you all for your support and keep the views and comments coming through.

Team Manager

Developments at F1 Hoverpod® Racing
The Team at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd prides itself on sharing the knowledge and developments surrounding the project and as we progress forward we will share this information with you. This provides you with an understanding of the emphasis upon quality of product and materials used. All of which goes into providing a World Class Product and the “World’s Number One Hoverpod®”.
The latest developments include over 3 years of research into composite materials and testing these to their limits. The result was a breakthrough in fibre weave technology which produced some very surprising results. The outcome of which is a 100% brand new hull structure with a never to have used before fibre method that provides the Hoverpod® with a structure that will last and last. No need for any of those reinforced patches as on lesser or inferior products but a structure designed to stand the test of time. Its fundamental strength is provided by the composite material used but the breakthrough which has caused all the interest is the light weight and durable structure and as we all know, weight is crucial when racing craft are concerned as power to weight ratio is a major factor in developing efficient and maximum power output.
The Engine Technology is something to which F1 Hoverpod® Racing brought in the worlds very best to develop. It is a modified twin cylinder four stroke engine of which produces power for both lift and thrust in a very efficient way. The air created by the fan is directed downwards to create the lift and when the craft raises from the ground, then becomes part of the air flow travelling through the wind tunnel to create thrust and thus the product moves forward at very high speed. This in part is due to having little friction as with conventional vehicles as there is no contact with the ground. This is what makes the Hoverpod® such a fun vehicle as it has no contact with the earth, it is able to travel across almost any flat surface such as water, ice, mud, sand of land with no loss in power.
The Wind Tunnel Section is something that is very top secret at this stage but I am cleared to provide you with some information that will excite the petrol heads amongst you all. Firstly, as with cheaper products of this type, there is a substantial amount of loss in efficiency and as such a loss of power. However, as F1 Hoverpod® Ltd decided at a very early stage that they did not have the technology and skills required to make sufficient improvements to justify the research, time and effort. However, in making this decision there was a decisive factor of influence. I was the very kind offer to help by Sheffield University who’s Aerospace space division is sponsored by BOEING. And if there is one thing F1 Hoverpod® Racing recognised from a very early stage was these two combined was a force to be reckoned with and taken very seriously. The outcome was………………”ah”. I did tell you that this was secret but “Wow” is a rather good phrase to use at this point and all I can say is that you keep your eyes focussed upon the blogs for some serious excitement coming very soon.

Team Manager

February 2011

Let me start by saying I was aware that yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t forget to buy my better half something !!!!. I know that I didn’t buy roses or chocolate as etc. I bought a very romantic and useful flower, “oh, I hear you say”. It was a fresh cauliflower and we ate it last night for dinner.

Now that we have dealt with the emotion it’s time for the serious side of F1 Hoverpod Racing and how it’s progressed along life’s way. I would like to start with a huge thank you to the 8000 Twitter followers who watch out 4 Twitter accounts that we are now sharing the day with you all through our postings. For those of you who wish to join in the fun, you will find the accounts at the following:

It’s quite a tribute to see so many keen and interested parties all sharing their daily routine with F1 Hoverpod Racing and we often have a little chuckle at some of the comments and we ask that they keep on a coming.

For those who keep requesting that the forum will start working again, I have some very good news for you all. All you need to do is follow the link to “Forum” you will find a brand new forum all cleaned out and finally managed and running correctly by the team at and a big thank you for all the hard work is in order. Do feel free to share and enjoy your comments but please always remember that others also view your comments and we should all respect other people’s right to view honest and respectable material so please keep that in mind when you write.

We will be sharing with you all some very exciting news soon but it is in my pending tray until approved and cleared to post, it is in hold for now but should not too long to wait for something that will put a huge smile on so many faces of all of the supporters. I recommend that you “Keep watching the Blog’s closely and the News Sites” for some very exciting and breaking news in the next few weeks.

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