November 18, 2011

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November 18, 2011

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November 11, 2011

It’s heading toward the end of 2011 and we are all covered in christmas tinsle and fairy lights………….OK, just Colin wearing the fairy lights for some reason known only to him !!!.
As winter is fast upon us, most motor sports are drawing to an end their activities untill the early spring. However, for the team at F1 Hoverpod Racing, winding down is only a pipe dream as this allows for opportunities for winter testing and developments that offer unique and exciting times. As most of you will be aware, the Hoverpod has some unique features to which allows the craft to travel at high speed on a cushion of compressed air, this creates a super soft platform and very comfortable ride, combined with a very testing steering system that only the very skillfull manage to stap their authority upon.

The team at F1 Hoverpod Ltd have recently had cause to celebrate over the purchase of the most prestigious URL’S in the business and I recomend you go take a look:

We have joined the world of twitter and for those who wish to follow us, please feel free to do so at and if you are a Facebook fan, once again you can watch the drama unfold at

For now it’s time to wish you all well and keep encoraging you to watch the blogs for updates etc.

Team Manager.