Developments at F1 Hoverpod® Racing
The Team at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd prides itself on sharing the knowledge and developments surrounding the project and as we progress forward we will share this information with you. This provides you with an understanding of the emphasis upon quality of product and materials used. All of which goes into providing a World Class Product and the “World’s Number One Hoverpod®”.
The latest developments include over 3 years of research into composite materials and testing these to their limits. The result was a breakthrough in fibre weave technology which produced some very surprising results. The outcome of which is a 100% brand new hull structure with a never to have used before fibre method that provides the Hoverpod® with a structure that will last and last. No need for any of those reinforced patches as on lesser or inferior products but a structure designed to stand the test of time. Its fundamental strength is provided by the composite material used but the breakthrough which has caused all the interest is the light weight and durable structure and as we all know, weight is crucial when racing craft are concerned as power to weight ratio is a major factor in developing efficient and maximum power output.
The Engine Technology is something to which F1 Hoverpod® Racing brought in the worlds very best to develop. It is a modified twin cylinder four stroke engine of which produces power for both lift and thrust in a very efficient way. The air created by the fan is directed downwards to create the lift and when the craft raises from the ground, then becomes part of the air flow travelling through the wind tunnel to create thrust and thus the product moves forward at very high speed. This in part is due to having little friction as with conventional vehicles as there is no contact with the ground. This is what makes the Hoverpod® such a fun vehicle as it has no contact with the earth, it is able to travel across almost any flat surface such as water, ice, mud, sand of land with no loss in power.
The Wind Tunnel Section is something that is very top secret at this stage but I am cleared to provide you with some information that will excite the petrol heads amongst you all. Firstly, as with cheaper products of this type, there is a substantial amount of loss in efficiency and as such a loss of power. However, as F1 Hoverpod® Ltd decided at a very early stage that they did not have the technology and skills required to make sufficient improvements to justify the research, time and effort. However, in making this decision there was a decisive factor of influence. I was the very kind offer to help by Sheffield University who’s Aerospace space division is sponsored by BOEING. And if there is one thing F1 Hoverpod® Racing recognised from a very early stage was these two combined was a force to be reckoned with and taken very seriously. The outcome was………………”ah”. I did tell you that this was secret but “Wow” is a rather good phrase to use at this point and all I can say is that you keep your eyes focussed upon the blogs for some serious excitement coming very soon.

Team Manager

End of January 2011
I would like to start today’s comments by asking a simple question, “Where did January 2011 Go ?”.
So much has happened in such a short space of time but I’m sure that 2010 was only two days ago and Christmas was only yesterday. I notice as I get older the time left on this earth appears to be speeding up, is someone trying to get me to the finish line a bit quicker than I anticipated or expected I ask myself.
Anyway, now for some news from the sporting front. Last week I told you all that it was 100 years of celebrating the Monte Carlo Rally to which I’m sure many petrol heads were well aware of anyway. These original racers were the true pioneers of what was eventually to become a huge participating and spectator event to which the birth of F1 Hoverpod® Racing was just one of many motor sports to embrace technology and discover that most people have developed a competitive mentality, even if that is just behind the steering wheel of the family car. In many ways, the this was what inspired the birth of Hoverpod® and the concept to which is gaining so much attention around the world.
Most Motor Sport’s no matter what they are based upon have been slightly taken over by technology and how computers and silicone chips have become too involving and the driver now simply directs and steers the product. The result is that the fund has now been removed and the judgement of the driver has become removed from the equation and replaced by something to which has no soul or personality known as the “software program”. Yes it makes all the right decisions in a millionth of a second and yes it never gets it wrong at any time but so does every other vehicle in the same race, so what happened to the excitement and where did the unpredictability go ?. The same place the fund and drama went also !!!.
F1 Hoverpod® Racing is a 100% totally new idea from the UK which has in many ways gone back in time to research what is lacking and missing in Motor Sport that could be put back and create an exciting and dramatic event by utilising cutting edge technology to create a world beating product but with the clear and critical decision that the driver (known as a pilot) is in control and making all the key decisions and not some piece silicone or soulless computer program, it is 100% the pilots decision what the vehicle and race demands to win the race or what the conditions require in order to take advantage of the situation at the time.
If you are one of those very loyal supporters of Motor Sport, check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing where you will find the experience of a lifetime just waiting for people of all ages and all walks of life to test their reactions and skills with a 100% unrestricted vehicle capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand proud in the first 30 seconds whilst you accelerate across and open stretch of land heading at high speed for the water’s edge where it continues at full speed across open water and back to land. “Wow”, how much fun does that sound ?
Check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing at

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F1 Hoverpod Racing

August 9, 2010

 Many things happening here at F1 Hoverpod Racing and making the best of the opportunity to take advantage of our collegues being closed for the summer break who provide us with some much information through the research departments.

New developments to date are mainly focussed upon the hull design, shape and materials used and the fan/propellor blade technology. Both of which have suffered in the market place from lack of investment. Sick smile Some manufacturers have come up with a cheap type of sticking plaster type fix that helps provide a strengthener section to the hull but in reality this is simply an admission that the product has a failure rate and not fit for purpose. By researching the huge range of materials on offer today and working with the specialists in materials and composits a solution to the problem has been found which addresses at first hand the issues of weak spots and possible failures with the material. Jumbo jets fly well at 30,000 feet and work well, why then should a hovercraft not achieve a similar result a 3 – 4 inches ?. Research shows that quality testing with modern methods will seek out problems which can be worked upon to eradicate faults at an early stage. Design features can help provide better stability and a more rigid structure in which to maximise the longevity of the product which can only ever be a benefit to the customer in the end. "Let’s face it, you want the product to last and not look ugly with sticky patches etc as tempory meassures". Embarrassed smile

The propellor/fan blade techology has been centered around the reduction of noise emissions and better air flow which in turn creates more efficient power. This has been quite a testing time for technology but once again our research partners have the technology and ability to achieve great results without a trade off in these key areas. The feature result being a product worthy of the 21st century and not one waiting for the scrap yard.

We will be announcing some major breakthroughs shortly so keep tuned to our "Twitter" for some madness and the bloggs for updates.

Have a great summer and stay safe.

Team Manager Nerd smile


F1 Hoverpod Racing – new pictures available

Just a quick message to all our supporters of the F1 Hoverpod Racing business etc.

We are near completion of our craft and the start date of the racing season and my suggestion is to watch your e-mail box and the blog sites for formal announcements and precise timing of the proposed events.

All those who are on our preferential mailing list will be offered invites to our demonstration day to show of the new craft which has caused so much interest the “Manx GT”.

We will be loading some video footage and pictures for you all to see and they can be found at the following site. Don’t forget that is by invitation only, so you will need your password etc.

Once again, a huge thank you from all the team at F1 Hoverpod Racing to all who have shown great faith in our business and supported us all the way through.

Please feel free to visit the web site at and keep a watch out for the changes in the site, product and future announcements.

F1 Hoverpod Racing 2009

August 21, 2009

August 9th 2009 :yawn:
Firstly I would like to thank you all for your postings and comments, just when one is having a bad day, someone pops up and gives you a pat on the back. We had many good and supportive comments this month and one I wish to pay special thanks to was “John E” who was particularly encouraging to whom I wish to say thank you for the kind words of wisdom.:idea:
The work load as is always the normal which is too much to do and not enough time to do it. However, whilst we don’t promise the miracles of life, we promise to give it all we have and to that end the team should be proud of their achievements as they never groan and always deliver. “Well done all of you”.
The rumours of a TV interest is something I am not allowed to confirm at this point but in time may be given the approval to share with you and additionally the staging of the first race location site is something I can only say keep an eye on the blog sites for up-dates.
Finally, the Australians have found their form in the cricket and we all hope they go easy on us from here on in and the England footie team deserve a shout of good luck for next week from all at F1HP.

Keep the support coming.


Team Manager