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March 20, 2012

F1 Hoverpod® Ltd

It’s been rather a wonderful year so far, it all started with the good news of the victory over the alleged comments now proven to be unfounded and unsupported allegations (lies) posted by a vicious and malicious person to which the authorities are now pursuing and I assume at the end an compensation claim may be in the offering. The very best thing that came out of the whole five (5) year exercise was the good working relationship to which was formed by F1 Hoverpod Ltd and the big three search engines and at this point I wish to extend our very best wishes to them all and a huge thank you for the kind and sensitive way in which the whole matter was handled.

February brought out yet more support from some huge names from the world of Motor Sport and from the Institutions to which we have worked with in the past, it’s a nice feeling to rise up and stand back on the success stand where our pride and respect has been fully restored. The success has gone as far as to an invite to speak at a very well respected audience in regards to the progress of F1 Hoverpod and the highs and lows along the way.

  The reinstating of good standing and trust shown by many of our partners has not gone unnoticed and I along with the whole team are eternally grateful for the support shown.

March has brought many business meetings and interested parties to the table from the close nit community within the Investment Banking world who only ever look at the business and the figures and never ever to gossip and from potential working partners from a whole variety of locations throughout the world. I often think that the measure of success can only ever be judged by the strength of character of the key people involved and to that end the whole team deserves a huge pat on the back. If you are keen to follow the progress, I recommend you check out the Facebook site and join in with the action. For all the interested parties who are supporting the F1 Hoverpod Racing business and wish to join the action as it happens, please feel free to join the F1 Hoverpod Racing’s own Facebook site “HERE


Team Manager

Welcome back to the developments taking place here at F1 Hoverpod Ltd. Firstly though and perhaps a little late “A Happy New Year” to you all and how good it is to see you all reading the blogs again and in some cases sending through your comments and views, they are all seen and we truly appreciate the interest.
You may remember toward the later part of last year I hinted that some all new appointments to the Board at F1 Hoverpod Ltd were under negotiation and all being well would be taking place in the early part of the new year !. I can now confirm that a new member of the Board has committed to the team and as I write this blog, is being appointed to the Board of F1 Hoverpod Ltd to help oversee the running and daily duties involved in the management of such a company and with a long history of CEO with one of Hong Kong’s largest companies, it is a real bonus to welcome a new member with such a proven background. Our new member is qualified in Law and Business Accounts and has actively been involved within the International Banking & Business Finance for some 25 years and as one might say, “All of these qualities may be required in the same day” when fully settled in at F1 Hoverpod Ltd.
I will be reporting to you shortly of a new appointee here at F1 Hoverpod Ltd who has been head hunted from the Banking World and based in Europe but for now I have to remain tight lipped until confirmed ok to report…………….”stay tuned as you will be the first to know”.

Team Manager

March 18th 2011
Today I am permitted to share some announcements regarding engine technology and the partners involved in the systems used. Let’s kick this off with some exciting news that has been officially and formally approved for me to share with you all. Emissions reduced and down. Power up…….”WOW” !!!!. The extensive testing and research which has been conducted and managed over a 12 month period in mainland Europe has focussed upon some new technology that has been specifically designed to increase power flow output on the “Manx GT” and which will be supplied with a 85bhp clean flow twin cylinder engine, its capable of reducing emissions by a huge 80% over conventional four stroke engines and has a major feature of reduced service intervals due to lack of carbon build up and more efficient fuel chamber and combustion burning process . This is a world first to the world of Hovercraft and is a 100% unique feature of the Hoverpod. We have been saying for a while that, “Rome was not built in a day” and if you show patience, we will show persistence and will always provide a result in the end. There is no doubt that in F1 Hoverpod® Racing’s case, it has provided a World Beating Result.
It is important to share with you some information about the team involved and I need to say a few words about our very dedicated technology partners. Design, Technology, Research and Testing. The first of these were a world beating engine manufacturer and engineering technology centre who provided a working platform of testing and “Grade A” research teams that is in a class of their own. The combined fuel system has also undergone extensive testing and once again this was conducted in Europe and the UK to develop an engine management system that provides the maximum benefits and ability to create the perfect solution of balance between power and fuel efficiency which combined with the engine technology brings together a perfect harmony of instant response and super efficient emission reduction. Once again, a world first for F1 Hoverpod.
The fuel storage tank and refuelling system had to be developed through a co-operation between the World’s Number One in this key area and a light weight materials design team based in Norway. The combined collaboration was handed a working budget of over $5m to produce this unique product and F1 Hoverpod® Ltd will be the first vehicle in the world to use this system on a production vehicle of which we are immensely proud and privileged to be trusted with such technology. The overall result for the customer is that they are supplied with a super light and very versatile craft with class beating power ratios and world beating emission reductions. Once again, A World First.
It only leaves myself and the team at F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture Ltd with one thing left to do and this task is one as we are concerned as the most important one of all. It is simply to Thank the whole team from all of the development centres for all their committed hard work and to the project and a Big Thank You to you from the whole team at F1 Hoverpod® Racing.

Team Promoter

End of January 2011
I would like to start today’s comments by asking a simple question, “Where did January 2011 Go ?”.
So much has happened in such a short space of time but I’m sure that 2010 was only two days ago and Christmas was only yesterday. I notice as I get older the time left on this earth appears to be speeding up, is someone trying to get me to the finish line a bit quicker than I anticipated or expected I ask myself.
Anyway, now for some news from the sporting front. Last week I told you all that it was 100 years of celebrating the Monte Carlo Rally to which I’m sure many petrol heads were well aware of anyway. These original racers were the true pioneers of what was eventually to become a huge participating and spectator event to which the birth of F1 Hoverpod® Racing was just one of many motor sports to embrace technology and discover that most people have developed a competitive mentality, even if that is just behind the steering wheel of the family car. In many ways, the this was what inspired the birth of Hoverpod® and the concept to which is gaining so much attention around the world.
Most Motor Sport’s no matter what they are based upon have been slightly taken over by technology and how computers and silicone chips have become too involving and the driver now simply directs and steers the product. The result is that the fund has now been removed and the judgement of the driver has become removed from the equation and replaced by something to which has no soul or personality known as the “software program”. Yes it makes all the right decisions in a millionth of a second and yes it never gets it wrong at any time but so does every other vehicle in the same race, so what happened to the excitement and where did the unpredictability go ?. The same place the fund and drama went also !!!.
F1 Hoverpod® Racing is a 100% totally new idea from the UK which has in many ways gone back in time to research what is lacking and missing in Motor Sport that could be put back and create an exciting and dramatic event by utilising cutting edge technology to create a world beating product but with the clear and critical decision that the driver (known as a pilot) is in control and making all the key decisions and not some piece silicone or soulless computer program, it is 100% the pilots decision what the vehicle and race demands to win the race or what the conditions require in order to take advantage of the situation at the time.
If you are one of those very loyal supporters of Motor Sport, check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing where you will find the experience of a lifetime just waiting for people of all ages and all walks of life to test their reactions and skills with a 100% unrestricted vehicle capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand proud in the first 30 seconds whilst you accelerate across and open stretch of land heading at high speed for the water’s edge where it continues at full speed across open water and back to land. “Wow”, how much fun does that sound ?
Check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing at http://www.f1Hoverpodracing.com

Team Manager.

Latest News !!!

September 9, 2010

World of Motor Sport News Update.
It was quite a dissapointing and in some ways rather sad day for all those who enjoy, follow and support Motor Sport. Todays news relates to F1 Motor Car Racing as the announcement from the FIA in relation to the team orders of Ferrari in the German Grand Prix of 2010 was announced rather quietly overnight and almost in seceret for whatever reason ?.

The result as the cynical might have expected rather negative with a “no further action to be taken” as the final outcome was announced late last night. For me and I sussspect many others is that it rather kills the some if not all of the excitement surrounding Motor Sport and if the rules are laid down for all to follow, why is there the exception for the team in red ?.
Over the period of August in F1 Motor Sport one of the most exciting things to come out of such a mid season period of Motor Sport was a real pleasure to watch and that was the worlds most experienced driver (Rubens) beating the Stig from Top Gear. On the downside, it was a sad day in the UK Courts when the Stig was finally revealed from under his white helmet.“When does confidentiality mean total confidentiality in the UK ”. Just because someone wants to sell a book, this should not signal that they mean they have every or any right to revoke on a confidentiality agreement actively in place to protect the secrecy of the individual if it had already been agreed at the outset to keep the privacy as part of the mistique of the theme.Once again, a bit of a let down and I hope a “New” and hopefully more loyal Stig can be found with the old one left trying to sell a book that nobody really wants in order to further his carreer !!!.

On a positive and more constructive note.
The whole philosophy behind F1 Hoverpod® Racing is that fairness but competitive spirit be the driving force behind all the race programs. In each and every race an identical product will be used. This is designed to be fairly tweaked in order to maximise the potential on the day and is presently in the process of being designed.This will provide many benefits ranging from either more thrust or greater lift so as to challenge the technicians to the max on the racing days.Whilst the standard vehicle (Manx GT) will all be the same standard, there are some features that will provide and allow the technical minded with the opportunity to manage greater air flow or additional lift in order to make the very best of the conditions on the race day.

Keep a very close eye on the web site at http://www.formulahoverpod.com and the many blogs in order to keep up with the progress at F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture. We make it our policy not to send your e-mail deatils to third partis and as such you are quite free to subscribe to our sites with 100% confidence. Please feel free to follow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/f1hoverpod

F1 Hoverpod Racing

August 10, 2010


The long awaited summer has finally arrived here at Hoverpod and the warmth of the sun always excites the fun side of Hovercraft enthusiasts. It is often a good sign when the amateurs and enthusiasts start spending a bit longer at night in their garage and lock up’s and the engine oil is showing in the supermarket trolley !!!. It’s all quite normal to those who understand the spirit of enusiastic racing or endless cruising, the problem is that whilst we spend so much time caressing and caring for our craft, we often forget our loved ones, family and friends. Now is a time to spend 10 mins thinking of them and remembering that a clean and well serviced craft is good but a special thought toward safety and security of all is equally important.

It is vital to check all bouyancy aids, first aid and have a incident system in place just in case. After all, we all want to enjoy our fun with Hovercraft for a long time to come and this simple but important proceedure could save your life in the end.

The work at F1 Hoverpod Racing continues through the summer although at a slightly reduced rate as our research partners are on the summer shut down period (lucky them) which allows us some extra time to assess the facs and figures they have so gracefully supplied us to work with.

One thing that may be of interest to you all is the reduction in vibration has been addressed and the findings are quite significant but you will have to wait to see the outcome which I’m assured is not far away now. In the meantime have a good summer (or winter if you are down under) and stay safe.

Team Manager

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Many positive things to bring you all up to spec with this month.

Firstly, to all our twitter followers who now post so many jokes and funnies our way, thank you. They have been quite amusing and for those who wish to join in, our “Twitter” site is at www.twitter.com/f1hoverpod

The in-box has had lots of those usual comments this month in regards to the “All New Fan/Propeller Blade” which is presently being tested at a well known University, the results are extremely encouraging at this stage and all will be revealed when the Technical Team sign off……………………. Be patient !!!!, it will be worth it.

The huge surge of interest from the Far East is still without doubt wonderful and yes it is true that we have taken a supporting partner from the world of Brewing Beer on board. If you need to know who, go check out the web site at www.f1hoverpodracing.com and seek out the partners link.

Finally, yes we did win the joke competition at the Sun Newspaper to which Gaunty gave us two tickets to the Cheltenham Festival and I for one wish to say a “Big Thank You” for the kind and wonderful day out. “It was just was needed”.

All the best

Team Manager

It’s been a long and very hard winter here in the North of England and despite the experts constantly telling us about global warming, it’s snowing outside and I’m freezing.

However, I understand our supporters and friends in Australia are suffering a heat wave in Perth. “I have no sympathy as I’m sick with jealousy”.

Here at F1HP the progress and start of the year often gets off to a slow start and we are no exception. However it’s good news on the fan blade developments and whilst I’m under constraints not to say too much, we have some news graphics being produced to which will be posted shortly on the web site and form part of the new brochure.

I wish to thank you all for pointing out that www.f1hoverpodracing.eu and www.f1hoverpodracing.org had not been working, whilst I’m not 100% sure, I am informed there were some problems with the server and all will be fully functioning by the end of this week………… ”I hope” !!!.

I did make a promise that I would keep you informed of the progress in regards to the liable comments on the internet, I understand now why they who are alleged to be posting them are so worried about their own future, see below.
1. Follow the link to Companies House
2. Use the search facility to find company number 04132578 and then request Company Accounts &
Annual Returns.
It is my understanding that the customer who carries the vendetta against these people were well known to them and are now suffering from the experience of buying from them. Both Steve & Andy lost their business as a direct result of the reliability and warranty of this company. However, our research department has obtained a copy of the annual accounts and returns of this company and the recommendation was “Not worth taking action” as they have no assets and too many creditors. In total there is a deficit of over £600.000.00 and no way of repaying the debt, as such it looks like a question of possible trading illegally and I prefer to say let them hang themselves.

Keep the interest and comments flowing, they truly are an inspiration.

Team Manager

20th October 2009

There are many new aspects to the Hoverpod® to which the technical team has identified as vital to address if providing a quality product, worthy of the name Hoverpod® in which the public want assurance of said quality.

Last month we announced a breakthrough in propeller technology to which was simply a revolution and something you will have the opportunity to view for yourselves early next year. However, our web site is often receiving e-mails showing concern about the noise pollution sometimes created by DIY built Hovercraft.
As you have all had the opportunity to see who the partners and team members are through viewing the web site at www.f1hoverpodracing.com/partners I’m pleased to say we have also addressed these issues as part of the development. Whilst I can’t divulge too much at this stage, I am at liberty to say a world leader in silencer and emissions have entered into negotiation to assume the role.

The contracts negotiation team will be visiting Europe next week to secure this opportunity for both parties, upon return to the UK, I will have permission to confirm in full the appointment is on board.

The application forms for interest can still be downloaded at http://www.f1hp.com/applicationform.pdf and if you leave it too late, you may live to regret that decision for a long time to come as the interest has been un-believable and I thank you all for the kind words and wisdom.

Thanks Guys

Team Manager.

Up date on September
The in box this month has been quite amusing and the normal conspiracy & gossip e-mails are now been filtered though the “amused and laughter” section. I have said many times that the truth (as boring as it is) is normally more interesting than the gossip. However, we do have some positive and exciting news to share with you.
As we are all aware, Hovercraft (Hoverpod® no exception) have had an inherent problem with propeller/fan blades that F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture has decided to address at this very early stage in production. Our concept and message to you all is simply that we will not compromise on safety and as we all know, if a Hovercraft blade fails for whatever reason, they can be very dangerous. F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture have taken this issue very seriously and invested almost ½ million pounds into the development of a totally new propeller. The good news is that in almost every circumstance this blade will replace the ones used today by the enthusiasts and hobbyists to whom for so long have kept the interest in Hoverpod® flowing. A tribute to the enthusiast is in my opinion worthy of major recognition, after all, if it were not for these hard working and dedicated people, the fun would be still be assigned to the drawing board.
There will be some additional news to which will effect the transference of noise associated with Hovercraft and whilst I can not say too much today, I can share with you that a breakthrough in the key areas are also pending and will be announced shortly.

You can still follow us on Twitter on a daily basis.

Thanks Guys from all at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd.